Water has always been a special interest in Unitierra, we think that a profound political and social change can occur if we change our way of conceiving water. The responsibility over our feces is a political struggle that puts our lives in our own hands, for this the Regenerate our communities program was carried out, in which Unitierra accompanies people from communities and neighborhoods in the construction with traditional and recycled materials of lime paints, Lorena stoves, etc., and with eco-technologies for dry toilets, soap water filters with living organisms, rainwater collection systems, compost, bread ovens, etc.

What we look for is to avoid dependency on the state and companies, the principles behind these actions are to organize ourselves in a horizontal manner, without hierarchies, to share what each of us know without selfishness, to heal our lives and relationships while allowing ourselves to heal the earth. We carry out simple, collective actions, we contribute with other organizations that have similar occupations, making concerted efforts, making visits in groups to share alternatives.

We participated in the foundation “Foro Oaxaqueño del Agua” in which we continue working and we are also part of the “Concejo de los ríos Atoyac y Salado”.