Editorial Committee

Our editorial proposal tries to talk and to share ideas, feelings and experiences hoping to produce a contagion, we seek for dialogue, conversation and communication.

The central subjects for sharing and dialogue are, among others:

New language; autonomy; comunalidad; conviviality; new political horizons, beyond patriarchy, the nation state, capitalism and formal democracy; regeneration; art of living and dying, the art of eating, the art of learning, the art of healing, the art of living.

At this moment we are preparing a small book called Women who fight with the word of the Zapatistas as a result of the first “Encuentro Internacional, Político, Artístico, Deportivo y Cultural de Mujeres que Luchan”.

We are also currently selecting other texts aimed at strengthening the CNI-CIG process in Oaxaca; as well as a compilation by topics of several years of the memorandums of our conversatory “Dialogues of Autonomy under the storm” and with the lectures and material used for Unitierra’s workshops.