Conversatory “Roads of Autonomy under the storm”

The conversatory is an open space for all sorts of people that has been active for 15 years, at the beginning it was called Convivial Life Seminar, then it came to be Seminar: Roads of Autonomy. It was on 2015 when the zapatistas said in one of their releases “we see and we hear that there’s a catastrophe coming in every sense, a storm” that we realized that we’re in the midst of a storm and thus we decided to name this space Conversatory: Roads of autonomy under the storm.

We have gathered every wednesday of the year to have a dialogue about the wrongness, the practices, the feelings and the ideas from the pathriarchal capitalist system that go through us but we also talk about all the new worlds that exist and show us different ways of living beyond everything they’ve imposed to us, searching autonomous ways of living.

In all this time, the conversatory has gathered people from different regions, cultures, languages and doings that have nourished the ways of thinking and feeling the world we live in to imagine a world in which many worlds can fit.

Every week for the conversatory we make a recopilation of informative notes, articles and analysis about social and political problems as well as struggles and resistances from towns and villages to include in our reflections and thoughts.