Our Ideas

Unitierra is deeply inmersed in social change processes and dedicates itself centrally to the exploration of new options for the creation of political, ideological and cultural alternatives.

We understand learning as an aspect of daily life that can be cultivated and studying as the joyful and autonomous exercise of the free people. The research we make, theoretical and abstract as well as those applied to one specific aspect of reality are for us exercises of reflection in action.

A central subject that puts us together and compromises us is the convivial way of living and the teachings of our originary cultures. We learn together their meaning and we share our daily life experiences. We are aware that affirming each one’s dignity and our relationships with others and Mother Earth represents a challenge to the dominant systems.

Our actual conditions in the territories we inhabit have constantly guided us to searching and getting involved in the different struggles and proposals, those made by us that work and learn in Unitierra, and also those from all kinds of people, groups and organizations in the city, the country or in any other part of the world and other countries and cultures with which we maintain contact.