Our Networks


Unitierra collaborates with other national and international organizations as well as with their networks, indigenous and non-indigenous coalitions. Through them and other organizations, we participate actively in numerous local, national and international networks: some of which we have helped to create such as, the Red Intercultural de Acción Autónoma and the International Network for Cultural Alternatives to Development.

By sharing our experiences, a network of sister organizations has been formed: Unitierra California, Unitierra Chiapas, Unitierra Huitzo, Unitierra Manizales, Unitierra Puebla and Unitierra Toronto. The role of these networks of organizations in the work of Unitierra is very important since our insertion in the networks includes the participation in joint efforts and the promotion of specific concerted initiatives. The autonomy of every organization is respected at all times to establish their own objectives and activities within an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual support.

Unitierra does not have any formal relation with the federal or state government although we participate in mixed organizations, such as the Foro Oaxaqueño del Agua. In some cases, it has been important and necessary to inform and ask for permission from the municipal authorities before starting to work with the families of a community, but in most cases this is not necessary since we work directly with the families in domestic and interfamiliar scopes.