Internal Organization

Unitierra is constantly being configured by the people that are involved and collaborate constantly in it, as well as with the voluntaries that participate in the projects, activities, study groups, workshops and events.

Unitierra is currently trying to explore what does creating an “assembly” that takes care of the agreements and the decisions that need to be made means. This is constructed by the people that dedicate to Unitierra a substantial amount of their time and that are constantly committed to its activities.

Within the same ‘assembly’, many commissions and committees have emerged for certain proyects and for specific cases. For example, to fullfil the administration and organization functions, there is a Coordination Council. Some of these are dissolved when they’ve gone through it’s own purporse, others are reconfigured in terms of what is needed.

Unitierra nourishes from all the voluntaries that, motivated by our principles and ideas, decide to approach us and try to articulate joint efforts for exchanging knowledges and creating projects.

There are also people that regularly visit Unitierra to participate in any activity but are not dedicated entirely to it.