Milpa Project

We live in the Empire of junk food: big corporations are supported by public policies and they sell flavors, colors, textures, and even aspirations, but not food. Millions of dollars are invested to advertise a product, to design it with additives and ingredients, disregarding it’s very poor quality if it tastes good. The target will always be to captivate young girls and boys, and turn them into lifelong consumers.

One of our intentions is to create a social commotion that generates changes in eating habits, that stimulates and reawakens the awareness of what is ours, the need to defend it and the urgency to react to deeply destructive and harmful consumption patterns. A year ago we started a campaign to visualize how much damage can be caused by the consumption of junk food, not only to our health but also to the environment.

Our main emphasis is to attract children and young people to the culture of corn, amaranth, beans and other nutritious local crops, both to interest them again in the milpa and to expose all of the advantages involved in consuming their own food.

We are collaborating with some communities in the central valleys of Oaxaca, doing workshops on agroecology, cooking workshops with amaranth and corn, film debate cycles, talks, radio spots, etc