Who are we?

We are a group of friends who collaborate and participate in the Universidad de la Tierra in Oaxaca.

Unitierra is a space for encounters, learning, reflection and action. Those of us who collaborate in Unitierra have the concern to learn collectively, so since the beginning, we have asked ourselves two questions: what does it mean to create an ‘assembly’? If we start from the fact that one of the main tools of the assembly are the agreements, how can we build, take and implement collective agreements?

Although this is part of our discussions, we have not stayed there and we have begun to walk this process, that is why those of us who integrate the Unitierra meet at least once a month, we put on the table the concerns about the direction we want to give to the space, we decide actions on our collective action, we discuss our differences and we try to take agreements that contribute to the construction of the space.

We decided to act under the principle of responsibilities and obligations. We agreed collectively what are the responsibilities of each area and the obligations about who is going to assume the responsibility. These principles have configured different tasks in the Unitierra, for example, if we have under our responsibility a specific area, it’s always related to our particular interests, such as study groups, dialogue circles, practical workshops, such as radio and the editorial committee, workshops on plants cultivation, urban gardens, eco-techniques in communities and workshops to heal ourselves in a traditional way.

One of the main impulses in Unitierra has been to try and see between ourselves and others how we can organize from below, at the grassroots, how we live and govern ourselves without depending on the market or the state and how to build roads of autonomy under the storm.

One of the main challenges has been trying to create full financial autonomy, that is, to stop relying on donations from people or foundations. Little by little we are creating some solid strategies that will allow us to create these conditions.We are convinced to abandon the idea of work that many of us have suffered, that is why we adopt the idea of generating joyful activities for our daily lives. For some of these activities, there are resources from Unitierra that allow those who execute them to obtain a decent income.

We are adherents to the Sexta Declaración de la Selva Lacandona and we walk along with the proposal of the Consejo Indígen de Gobierno (CIG) and the Congreso Nacional Indígena (CNI).