Alternative Reconstruction in Ixtepec City

In Ixtepec, Oaxaca, a committee was formed ( Comite Ixtepecano en Defensa de la Vida y el Territorio) against the companies that were being installed in their area, thanks to the organization that they had, when the earthquake happened, they immediately formed a Council of Reconstruction with which we have started to work.

We have organized with them to distribute the different kinds of aids. As soon as this happened, they began to work in their community because many supplies and support materials arrived so they had to organize how to distribute them in the community and how to defend the houses that could still be used or that were not so affected because the government came to tear them down. An important part of their work is also defending traditional housing.

For our part, in Unitierra Oaxaca we began a process of information gathering, we will gather testimonies, media and news to support and document the whole process that they have been going through before the earthquake and after the earthquake, to classify within the several aids they receive if they really are helpful or they imply imposition and the implementation of strategies for dispossession.

The government and private companies wanted to build houses and they came to the community trying to implement a form of construction without consulting what the community needs or how they live there. Our effort is also to work in the reconstruction of living places along with the community, with them involved in it, because it is not only rebuilding houses, it is also a reconstruction of the social and communal fabric because, after the earthquake, this change of life, not only houses were torn down, the way the community was constituted also did.

Within all this terrible things that happened, we see an opportunity of rebuilding not only houses, but also a stronger social fabric in a communal way.

They know very well that the process is not only to build the houses back, when the damage count is made, they only count the people who were damaged by the earthquakes in their material terms but there have been other consequences after the earthquakes, there have been people who have died of sadness because they have lost their homes, there are several other ways these people were affected that must also be noticed.

We use a methodology called social reconstruction of the habitat in Guendalizaa, this reconstruction tries to make everyone involved in it to generate networks to the same process of reconstruction of houses and that together they also generate networks to generate their own spaces. For sharing the reconstruction tecniques, the idea is to build create small groups to learn the methodology and after this, they can go and create other small groups to teach it themselves and make their work part of themselves.