Cultural Regeneration

As a result of the analysis of our own practice, in 2003 we saw the necessity of extending the learning spaces to communities and not just to persons interested in learning a trade. We began to work with the communities themselves and with urban neighborhoods, in a struggle for cultural regeneration. We believe in the statement that indigenous communities have been articulating: “They tore off our fruits, broke our branches, burned our trunks, but they could not dry out our roots.” In this way, in 400 communities in Chiapas, Guerrero and Oaxaca, we began the initiative of regeneration in which thousands of people have participated and which has generated many diverse transformational initiatives. We already have extensive audiovisual and written documentation, based on the activities of the communities and neighborhoods themselves, as well as on materials that were developed to support the team from Unitierra that worked with them.

Public Campaigns