Public Campaigns

Over the years we have organized different public campaigns, which for us represent another form of collective learning, shared with the whole society. Among these are:

No corn, no country – The campaign began in 2003, with a graphic museum exhibition in Mexico City (with a duration of nine months and a million visitors), a book, disks, brochures, radio and television segments, and other activities. Currently the motto is used for a variety of groups throughout the country to create actions that are consistent with the original approach of Unitierra. One of its expressions in Oaxaca is the Committee In Defense of Corn, whose campaigns include resistance to transgenic corn.

Profound America — Also in 2003, there was an encounter in Mexico City uniting people from 36 communities across the American continent, to reflect on the indigenous forms of existence in order to affirm them and link efforts. We published a book, with our counterpart from Peru. Publications and diverse activities are maintained in various countries of the region as a result of the network.

Ecological Defense – We support the conception, funding and maintenance of the Oaxacan Commission for Ecological Defense and the Oaxacan Water Forum, as mixed organizations of conjoined action by all sectors of the society and government, in union with the Institute of Nature and the Society of Oaxaca, which promote and administer them.

Interaction – We have engaged in specific efforts of collective learning through distinct media:

Editorial (Ediciones ¡Basta!);

Radio Unitierra (in the internet) and accompaniment of community radios; we directly contribute to equipping 25 of these and collaborate with many others.

Electrionic media, including workshops on their use (pages such as Oaxacalibre, program series in the internet such as “Days of Fury”, etc.);

Fora, fairs and festivals, such as the two convocations of the National Forum of Alternative Technologies, with the participation of organizations from ten states and five countries, and the First Festival for Autonomy in the Railway Museum in the city of Oaxaca.

Unitierra and social movements