Internal organization

Unitierra is an open space that forms around groups either of particular interests, of apprenticeship, or of work. To articulate different efforts, there are general assemblies that unite everyone who participates in a continual manner in a work or apprenticeship group.

Some of the people in Unitierra dedicate a substantial portion of their time and activities to Unitierra and from that derive an income. The rest come regularly, to participate in some activities, but without dedicating themselves entirely to Unitierra.

There are no formal hierarchies in Unitierra. For the organization and administration of our activities, we have created a council of coordination that in turn is coordinated by one of the members on a rotating basis. Belonging to the council is determined by the responsibilities and obligations that some undertake with Unitierra to coordinate an area of activity. There are also commissions for specific activities.

Our Scope