Our conceptions

We understand apprenticeship as an aspect of daily life that can be cultivated, and we understand studies as an autonomous and enjoyable activity of free people. The research we conduct, including not only the theoretical and abstract but also their application to an aspect of our reality, are for us exercises in reflection in action. In this context, a practice we privilege is intercultural dialog, an element that permits us always to have an analysis from diverse angles.

A central theme that unites us and to which we are committed is the construction of autonomy. As Unitierra, we are adherents of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandonian Jungle of the EZLN: We believe that no real solution can come from above, from where the powerful merely distribute contempt, dispossession, exploitation and repression. For solutions we instead seek the reconstruction of society from below in the constant effort to recuperate “verbs” such as to learn, to eat, to heal, to live: That is, to recuperate our autonomous capacities to live in dignity constructing a convivial mode of life. We are aware that affirming the dignity of each one of us and of our relationships with others and with nature represents a challenge to the dominant systems.

Our methods