Our Scope

1. Freedom to Learn

We regularly engage in activities of practical apprenticeship and common study — both inside as well as outside of our physical space — which are generally open to any interested person.

We organize collective apprenticeship at the local, regional and national levels through forums, exhibitions, audiovisual materials, printed materials, and the use of conventional and alternative media.

We offer accompaniment to those who seek personal programs of apprenticeship and study, for example, to learn specific skills, to explore a field of knowledge and action, to conduct research, or to get involved in the activities of Unitierra in order to “learn by doing” in study or work groups.

2. Reflection in Action

We maintain a weekly seminar, “Pathways to Autonomy”, which as of 2014 is in its thirteenth year, and we periodically organize seminars, apprenticeship workshops, reflection on specific themes, programs of common study for longer timeframes, presentations and discussions of books and other materials, conferences, and diverse events. Currently the seminars that are being conducted are:

Beyond patriarchy;

Rethinking the world from the perspective of Karl Marx and Ivan Illich;

Al derecho y al revés: Considers the use of juridical procedures when the state of law has deteriorated into an undeclared state of exception; juridical pluralism; the formal structure of freedom.

Alternatives to “education” and “health”: Theories and practices to learn and to heal

From informality to communality

The nature of the crisis/collapse of the dominant system

We conduct reflection and systematic documentation on the so-called ‘informal sector’ (for us the direct workers in the social factory and their heirs), which includes the study of the current crisis and its consequences, the options open and in particular the situation and perspectives in the area of community. To the extent possible, this study includes a comparative analysis at the international level.

3. Regenerating Our Communities

We participate in social transformation efforts and construction of autonomy. These efforts seek to regenerate the social fabric of urban neighborhoods and surrounding communities of the central valleys of Oaxaca, as well as some other areas of the state, through collective learning of autonomous forms of community action and self-management (our activities include accompanying cooperatives, collective construction of eco-technologies, creating urban gardens, and accompanying community groups).

4. Free Media

We dedicate part of our physical space to use by collectives of printed and audiovisual media so that they can produce their materials and so that we can coordinate collaborations with them.

A radio studio is under construction to allow internet transmission and recording space.

We have dissemination activities by means of texts, theater, radio, internet, and other media.

5. Interaction

We support the creation of autonomous activities by groups that approach us from different parts of Oaxaca, the country or the world, as collectives, cooperatives, centers of production of alternative practices and technologies, free media projects, and others.

We receive visitors, students, professors, researchers (national and foreign) for whom we design and arrange specific programs of activities that include study circles in our physical space and visits for specific experiences. In these and other ways we facilitate and support their interaction with the Oaxacan cultures.