The Promotion of Independent Efforts

Unitierra has promoted diverse independent spaces, which maintain their own autonomy. Among these:

The University of the Earth. Unitierra shared its experience with the founders of Unitierra Chiapas, Unitierra Califas (in the Bahía de California), and Unitierra Puebla, which operate independently but at the same time in relation with us. In addition, different groups in different parts of Mexico and the world have had inspiration in Unitierra and create or begin nascent efforts in their locales through their exchanges with us. One of these is the chocolate cooperative Chocosol – Toronto.

Oaxacan Water Forum. Unitierra contributed to the foundation of, and participates in, the operation of this space of transformative action regarding water, in which also participate three levels of government and many diverse actors of the civil society of Oaxaca. The Forum has been promoted and operated by the Institute of Nature and Society of Oaxaca (INSO), which participated in the foundation of Unitierra and collaborates with it. The Forum has elaborated The Common Plan for the Common Good, which defines the actions and policies to follow regarding water throughout the watershed in the central valleys of Oaxaca.

Autonomous Center of Intercultural Creation of Alternative Technologies (CACITA). Unitierra supported the creation of CACITA and has collaborated with it in the production of alternative practices and technologies in Oaxaca.

Oaxacan Autonomous House of Solidarity with Self-Managed Work (CASOTA, active since 2011). Through the Center of Documentation Ivan Illich, installed in CASOTA, we participate in this independent effort of a network of autonomous initiatives, which create activities oriented towards contributing to the strengthening, organization and autonomy of popular neighborhoods and indigenous communities of Oaxaca.

Circle of Autonomous Paths. Since the reflection regarding the Zapatista resistance in the seminar Paths of Autonomy, the ‘Autonomous Paths’ Circle of Information and Support was created, which engages in actions of dissemination and solidarity with struggles from below and to the left, which articulate themselves within the framework of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandonian Jungle.

Regenerating our Communities