Unitierra and social movements

Unitierra has always been profoundly immersed in processes of social and political change. In particular, 2006 was a year in which the national and local political context powerfully shaped the actions of all the collectives, civil organizations and independent social spaces of Oaxaca, including Unitierra. In the first place, the Other Campaign and the Thin Zero passed through Oaxaca at the beginning of their travels through the entire country. The caravan spent time in our facilities and created the opportunity to listen to us, to unite the struggles of the common people, the indigenous communities, women, students, agricultural and urban workers, and humble and simple people. The caravan came to invite us to celebrate our differences and unite in the struggle so that the community commands and the government obeys.

A few months afterwards, the popular insurrection in Oaxaca, which was articulated in the Popular Assembly of the Communities of Oaxaca (APPO), made this proposal its own and demonstrated that even in the cities the community can govern itself in a communitarian and democratic manner. In this process of insurrection, Unitierra participated in different ways: In the Civil Space, in free media coverage (such as the page oaxacalibre.com, which became a significant source of information about the movement), in the organization of an initiative for dialog to widen civil participation in the movement, and in many other activities.

Unitierra has participated intensely in many other movements and initiatives: The Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity, which since May 2011 has engaged in a complete rejection of the war the government has been waging against the people; the movement We Are 132, which arose among the youth throughout the country in response to the return of the new PRI and its media propaganda; the Permanent People’s Tribunal, a space of constructing justice from below on different topics, among which we have participated above all in the topic of the protection of corn.

More recently, in August of 2013, people from Unitierra participated in the “Little School”: “Liberty according to the Zapatistas”, having the opportunity to experience Zapatista communities and listen to their teachings on liberty and the construction of autonomy. It is now our commitment to share what we learned from them.

The Promotion of Independent Efforts