Profound Americas

A meeting in Mexico City with people from 36 towns from the American continent allowed us to reflect on the Indian ways of existing, to affirm them and to create conjoint efforts. We published a book with our counterpart from Peru, and created a network for future publications and diverse activities in several countries of the region.


Sin Maíz no hay País

The campaign began in 2003, with a museographic exhibition in Mexico City (with a duration of nine months and over one million visitors), a book, records, brochures, radio and television capsules and other activities. Currently this now famous slogan is used by a variety of groups across the country to perform actions that are consistent with Unitierra’s original approach. One of its expressions in Oaxaca is the Committee In Defense of Corn, whose campaigns include resistance to transgenic corn.



About Unitierra:

Re-learning Hope: A Story of Unitierra

Jaen Madrid (2016) «Universidad de la Tierra: una alternativa orgánica a la educación en México”

Sergio Beltrán (2012) «Universidad de la Tierra en Oaxaca, A.C.: aprender sin escuela»

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Gustavo Esteva (2007) “Reclamando nuestra libertad de aprender”

Gustavo Esteva (2006) “Universidad de la Tierra (Unitierra), the freedom to learn”