Our fields of action

We regularly carry out study and learning activities in our physical space, most of which welcome anyone who is interested.


We organize a weekly seminar, which will mark its 16th anniversary in 2017.


We periodically organize learning and reflection workshops on specific subjects, book presentations and discussions, conferences and a variety of events.


We organize learning sojourns for national and foreign groups with specific activity programs that include study cycles in our physical space.


We organize personal learning and study programs for those who wish to acquire specific skills, explore a field of knowledge and action or carry out research.


We take part in different efforts for social transformation that seek to mend the social fabric of urban districts and suburban communities in the central valleys of Oaxaca through the collective learning of autonomous modes of community action.


We engage in struggles for the cultural regeneration of 400 indigenous communities in the states of Chiapas, Guerrero and Oaxaca through reflection and action workshops and by the diffusion of written and audiovisual work produced together with the communities.


We organize collective learning campaigns at a local, regional and national level with forums, exhibitions, audiovisual materials, editions and use of conventional and alternative means.


We support the creation of autonomous centers for the production of alternative practices and technologies, such as the Autonomous Center of Communication and the Center of Interculturality Studies that carry out their work within Unitierra.

Correo electrónico: contactounitierra@gmail.com

Twitter @UnitierraOaxaca

Sitio alternativo: http://ggg.vostan.net/ccra/#20