Our Philosophy


We understand learning as an aspect of everyday life that can be nourished and studying as the autonomous and joyful activity of the free people. Both the theoretical and abstract investigations, as well as those applied to the many aspects of our reality are for us exercises of reflection in action.

Convivial life is a topic that compromises us and brings us closer together. We learn its meaning through our everyday activities. We are aware that affirming both our dignity and that of others in nature represents a defying challenge against dominant systems.

The political character of conviviality engages us with different spheres of our social and natural reality, with both people who work and learn in Unitierra and diverse people, groups and organizations from the city, the state and the country where we find ourselves in. We also interact with people and organizations from other countries and cultures with whom we establish frequent contact.

Unitierra is profoundly immersed in processes of political and social change. We explore options and innovations for the creation of political, technological and cultural alternatives.